Eduvance Remolab is a first of its kind deployable platform that allows students to access Embedded platform remotely. Platforms such as FPGA, Cypress Programmable SoC (PSoC) and ARM mbed can easily be deployed by colleges for students. It is a scalable solution where an entire class can access the technology for mass scale skill development.

> Digital I/O interfaces for basic experiments
> Seven Segment and LCD interfaces for advanced digital labs. 
19 additional exercises on sequential design

>   Students and faculty can access from host college and home
>  State of the art training from industry experts
> Ideal platforms for mass scale skill developement


> Scheduling interface and automatic lab reservation for maximum student utility
> Lectures from domain experts. About 25 additional exercises of combinational design
> Faculty can develop labs and experiments

> 8 Major Projects belonging to the domain of Image Processing Platforms supported - Xilinx FPGA's, Cypress PSoC, ARM mbed.

Existing Remolab Setup

  • Atharva College of Engineering -
    > India's first remote PSoC Lab in Collaboration with Cypress University Alliance
    > One of India's largest embedded systems Remote Lab
    > 15 Cypress PSoC Nodes, 10 ARM Mbed Nodes, 10 Xilinx FPGA Nodes
  • Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering 
    > 4 ARM Mbed Nodes, 4 Xilinx FPGA Nodes
    > And many more remote lab setups in process...