Summer Industrial Training and Internship Program in Data Analytics using Python

Summer Industrial Training and Internship Program in Data Analytics using Python

IETE conducts a 30 day training and internship program called the “Summer Industrial Training and Internship Program in Data Analytics using Python” (SIT 2019). This program is in collaboration IBM Edtech Partner and Eduvance. Get trained on industry standard python programming practices of python to make you industry ready. After the training, students will be given free access to CISCO Networking Academy in collaboration with CISCO Networking Academy Academic Support Center. The training will start from basics of python and go up to advanced IoT applications using IBM Bluemix. The training is divided into 3 Parts:

  • Basics of Python Programming
  • Data Analytics using Python
  • Using Python in Internet of Things (IoT)

Course content

1. Basics of Python Scripting
    1.1  Basics of Python
        1.1.1  Interpreter Vs compiler
        1.1.2  Installation of Python
        1.1.3  Basic python syntax
        1.1.4  Data types conversion
        1.1.5  Native data types of Python - lists, dictionaries, tuples
        1.1.6  Examples and Exercises on above topics

2. Conditional Statement in Python
    2.1  Conditional execution
        2.1.1  If condition
        2.1.2  for loops
        2.1.3  while loops
        2.1.4  Examples and Exercises on above topics

3. Modular programming in Python
    3.1  Functions in python
        3.1.1  Creating user defined functions
        3.1.2  Calling functions

4. Advanced scripting techniques in python
    4.1  List comprehensions in Python
        4.1.1  Using functions in python(variable inputs also)
        4.1.2  Use of one line for loops
        4.1.3  Lambda, reduce, map functions
    4.2  Exception Handling
        4.2.1  Try-Except
        4.2.2  Custom Exception method
    4.3  Examples and Exercises on above topics
    4.4  File I/O
        4.4.1  Explain all file access modes
        4.4.2  Open a file for writing, reading and appending
        4.4.3  Open a file for reading, writing  - explain all file access modes
        4.4.4  Read method (), write() method

5. Understanding Multidimensional arrays
    5.1  Introduction and installation of numpy
    5.2  Array creation
    5.3  Array indexing
    5.4  Array slicing
    5.5  Boolean indexing (optional)
    5.6  Mathematical operations on matrices
    5.7  Examples and exercises on NumPy

6. Data visualisation in python
    6.1  Installing matplotLIB
    6.2  Subplot nrow and ncols
    6.3  Legend labels and titles
    6.4  Setting colors,Linewidths and Linetypes
    6.5  Axis range and Axis grid
    6.6  Visualisation MATPLOTLIB - 2d scatter plot, Bar, Histogram
    6.7  Example and exercises in MatplotLib

7. Understanding Data Analytics with Python
    7.1  Creation of Dataframe with Pandas
    7.2  Indexing Dataframe with pandas
    7.3  Indexing using labels in pandas
    7.4  Pandas series objects
    7.5  Pandas Dataframe operations
    7.6  Boolean indexing with pandas
    7.7  Missing values-data refining

    8.1  Simple mail to one receiver
    8.2  Mail with subject to one receiver
    8.3  Simple mail to multiple receivers
    8.4  Mail with subject to multiple receivers

9. Introduction to Cloud
    9.1  IoT Data Analytics with Thingspeak
        9.1.1  Uploading
        9.1.2  Downloading

10. Web Scraping using BS4
    10.1  Basics of HTML
    10.2  Downloading weather data
    10.3  Downloading images

11. Node red

Course Details

Course Duration : 30 Days (20 days - Training, 10 days - Project Development)
Enquiry Contact : +919920844802 / +919137517358


* Get yourself ready for M.S., M.Tech and Placements 

* Three major Industry level projects  

* Certificate in collaboration with Cisco Networking Academy  

* Certificate from IBM Edtech Partner  

* Internship Letter from IETE and Eduvance  

* IBM Badge on Node-Red : basics to bots  

* IBM Badge on Python for Data Science  


Who can apply for this course?

  • Students belonging to 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year Electronics, Instrumentation, Electronics and Telecommunications and Biomedical engineering can apply for this course.
  • Students from Computer Engineering or Information Technology Engineering can also apply for this course.
  • Hobbyist, those who want to prototype applications using Python can join this course.

How do I register for this course?

  • You can visit our office at Ghatkopar and pay registration fee of Rs. 1000 and get yourself enrolled for this course.

Training Fees

IETE Members

INR 7600 inclusive of GST (Only at IETE owned centres)

Non IETE Members

INR 8950 inclusive of GST

Registration starts from 1st February 2019


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