PLC Lab Setup

Sponsored by Accelus Robotics

Accelus Robotics
A PLC Lab setup by Accelus Robotics aims at providing the students and faculty with the capability of working with Programmable Logic Controllers technology that is at par with industry. The main goal of this lab is to give the student a high-quality training on PLC programming that will develop their skills both in programming as well as hardware in PLC and be more employable in industry.


  • Exposure to the technology of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and understanding the importance of automation in industries
  • Software programming of PLC like ladder logic and instruction logic
  • PLC simulation on BYT software as well as on BYT HMI hardware device
  • Efficiently working on BYT HMI device for controlling different devices


Image of BYT PLC software
Image of BYT PLC software


Image of BYT HMI device
Image of BYT HMI device


The PLC lab setup by Accelus Robotics include the following:

  • BYT software
  1. Industry cost per license: Rs.25000
  2. Institution cost per license: Free
  • BYT PLC HMI device (optional)
  1. Industry cost per device: Rs.20000
  2. Institution cost per device: Rs. 10000 (discounted rate)


  • Contact : Institutions can contact Eduvance and enagage for setting up an Accelus Robotics PLC Lab
  • Registration : Eduvance representative will contact institution with registration form
  • Memorandum of Understanding : There will be signing of an MoU between institution, Accelus Robotics and Eduvance
  • PLC Lab Setup : Accelus Robotics will provide industry-level PLC software licenses (at no cost) for registered institutions (Hardware is optional and provided at discount)
  • Lab Inaugration : Institution will put a placard outside the lab along with the inaugration of Accelus Robotics PLC Lab
  • Free Online Course : Eduvance will provide free learning coupons for students of the registered institutions
  • Instructor Led Training (Optional) : Institutions can enagage Eduvance for commercial instructor led training program
  • Semester Reports : As per MoU, institutions will send 1 report per semester to Accelus Robotics and Eduvance regarding the activities of PLC Lab
  • Renewal : Institution may request Eduvance for renewal of PLC software license after a term of 1 year


  • College would provide its students with training platform to get updated with industry relevant technologies.
  • Make students resumes stronger
  • Increase in industry-institute interaction
  • Opportunity to conduct faculty training workshops for free to keep faculty appraised with industry developments.
  • Students at COLLEGE would be provided with the opportunity to go through certification programs that is at par with American Universities with lectures and content created by US based experts.
  • Students at COLLEGE will get an opportunity to get certified by Accelus Robotics

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