Eduvance offers a two-day workshop on “Patent Drafting and Filing” for students and faculty members. With the advent of “Startup India” campaign, a strong focus has been put on the need for intellectual property in technology driven companies. One of the major requirements for a startup to be qualified in the “Startup India” campaign is that it needs to have patents. This workshop will give students a view of the patent filing procedure in India and also give them a hands-on experience on drafting a patent. The aim of this workshop is to enthuse students towards filing patents on their projects and future startups.

Workshop content

The workshop content is divided along the lines of following projects and learning outcomes.
1. What is a patent and why is it needed
    1.1  Term of patent
    1.2  Concepts of monopoly

2. General Patent Law (Basic Concepts)
    2.1  Patent filing procedure
    2.2  Patent process flowchartHow to fill up various forms
    2.3  Difference between applicant and inventor
    2.4  Request for examination
    2.5  Early publication
    2.6  Procedure after examination

3. How to draft a patent
    3.1  Concept of provisional specification
    3.2  Concept of complete specification
    3.3  Structure of complete specification
    3.4  All components of a complete specification

4. Title drafting
    4.1  Abstract
    4.2  Description
    4.3  Drawings presentation
    4.4  Claims
    4.5  How to write claims

5. Hands-on Exercise on Patent Drafting
    5.1  Instructor will discuss examples of complete specification
    5.2  One full complete patent with help of instructor (Students will be divided in groups of four)

6. One self exercise for students on patent drafting (Group of 4)

Workshop Benefits

  • The workshop creates awareness to Intellectual Property Right (IPR) among participants with special reference to patenting
  • Participants will be given knowledge on patent related terminologies
  • Participants will learn from scratch about patent drafting, formulation of claims and filing
  • Upon Successful completion of workshop the participants will get a certificate from Eduvance