Summer Industrial Training and Internship Program in Embedded Systems and IoT

Summer Industrial Training and Internship Program in Embedded Systems and IoT

Eduvance conducts a 30 day training and internship program called the “Summer Industrial Training and Internship Programming in Embedded Systems and IOT” (SIT 2019). This training is in collaboration with ARM University Program, Cypress Semiconductors University Alliance and Microchip Technology Inc. The focus of this training is to give the student a hands-on experience of the latest technologies that are used in industry. Understanding the need of the students to start from basics, the training will start from C programming basics and go up to advanced B.E. level projects. The training is divided into 3 Parts :

  • ARM “Mbed” platform and basics of Programming
  • ARM Embedded Systems Programming
  • Internet of Things (IoT) using IBM Bluemix and LoRa

Course content

1. Introduction to Embedded Systems
    1.1  Understanding the various components of an embedded system, applications of embedded systems and various embedded platforms covered in the course

2. Introduction to ARM mbed
    2.1  Understanding the ARM mbed platform
    2.2  Applications of ARM mbed

3. General Purpose I/O Interfacing
    3.1  Labs on Digital inputs using switches
    3.2  Labs on digital outputs

4. Pulse Width Modulation
    4.1  Understanding the basics of PWM
    4.2  Concept of pseudo analog voltage generation using PWM
    4.3  Lab – Controlling LED intensity using PWM
    4.4  Project – Breathing LED concept using PWM

5. ADC interfacing
    5.1  Basic Concepts
    5.2  Sensor input reading
    5.3  ADC APIs
    5.4  Lab – Reading potentiometer data
    5.5  Lab – Reading LDR data and controlling LED

6. Serial Interfacing
    6.1  Basic Concepts
    6.2  Lab – information exchange from hardware to PC
    6.3  Project – Sensor Data Logging on PC

7. I2C Interface
    7.1  Basic concepts
    7.2  Lab – I2C accelerometer interface
    7.3  Project – Surface level measurement

8. Touch Slider
    8.1  Basic concepts
    8.2  Project – Air Mouse using Accelerometer and Touch Slider

9. Wifi Interface
    9.1  Basic Conepts
    9.2  Project – Wireless Sensor Data Logging

10. Introduction to LoRa
    10.1  Basics of LoRa
    10.2  Understanding LoRa protocol
    10.3  Long distance sensor interface
    10.4  Project 1 – Long distance agriculture sensing
    10.5  Project 2 – Streetlight Automation using LoRa

11. Project Reports
    11.1  Each project must have an industry standard project report

Course Details

Course Duration : 30 Days (20 days - Training, 10 days - Project Development)
Enquiry Contact : +919619616593 / +919137517358


* Make your resume stronger for M.S., M.Tech. and Placements and Higher Education 

* 3 Major Industry Level Projects, and 4 Mini Projects

* 3 Different Embedded Platforms, Four Interfaces (ADC, SPI
Accelerometer, I2C).  

* Certificate from ARM University Program (Cambridge U.K) on Rapid Embedded System Design  

* Certificate from Cypress Semiconductors University Alliance on Internet of Things  

* Certificate from Microchip Technologies on Arduino Platform  

* Internship Letter from Eduvance


Who can join the course?

  • Students in 2nd , 3rd or final year from various Engineering streams like Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Electrical, Instrumentation and Bio-Medical can join this course
  • Anyone who wishes to learn how to build prototypes and develop real time application projects.

What platforms will I be learning during the course ?

  • Our motto at Eduvance is to introduce students to platforms that are at par with industry.
  • You will be working on platforms like FRDM KL25z and Ethernet shield.
  • You will also learn how to configure wireless module like LoRa and WiFi module like ESP8266.

How do I register for this course?

  • You can visit our office at Ghatkopar and pay registration fee of Rs. 1000 and get yourself enrolled for this course.

Training Fees

INR 8950 (inclusive of GST)
Registration starts from 1st February 2019


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