IOT Lab Setup

Sponsored by Cypress University Alliance and Arm University Program

Cypress University
ARM University


The IoT Education Kit provides students with the knowledge required to design an IoT system to connect embedded sensors using commodity smartphones via low power Bluetooth Low Energy. Skills such as app development and embedded system design are practiced and demonstrated using various applications including a robot control application. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to use the ARM mbed IoT Device Platform.

This education kit is suitable for teaching electronic systems design courses in Electrical and Electronic, Computer Engineering and Computer Science courses, at multiple levels. 

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The Lab Setup includes :
> Hardware: 4 Boards of PSoC Bluetooth Low Energy
> Software: PSoC Creator
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  • The College can become a pioneer for IOT technology and IOT education for engineering colleges in the region
  • Have lab donation from ARM University Program and Cypress Semiconductors (Industry institute interaction from NBA perspective)
  • UG, PG and PhD research project opportunities
  • Opportunities to apply for grants
  • Faculty consultancy opportunities

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