AR app development using EnablAR

AR application development using EnablAR

EnablAR is a revolutionary platform that helps teachers and students create AR apps without the prerequisitive knowledge of programming. With a simple three step process you can create your own AR app by simply creating the 3D model, uploading it and deploying your AR app without the prerequisitive knowledge of engineering.


Give your students a more engaging experience

EnablAR helps you engage your educators in a meaningful way by leveraging AR,VR & Holograms to better present your educational contents


Flexibility to Choose Technologies

One single platform to deliver the same content as per your student's needs

Markered AR Support

Markered AR Support

Markerless AR Support

Markerless AR Support

Virtual Reality


Holographic Projection

Holographic Projection

Intuitive Interface

Simple three step process to create your apps

Upload & Configure

Upload your App

Create App

Customize your App

Deploy App

Deploy your App


Customize your apps with your customized welcome screen, app name and icons

Custom Splash Screen

Custom Institute Splash Screen

Custom Thumbnail

Custom Institute Thumbnail

Custom App Name

Custom Institute App Name

Versatile Platform

Supports upto 20, models in various 3d model file formats (FBX, DAE, OBJ) for markered and markerless apps

Multi Format Support

Multi File Format Support

Upto 20 3D Models

Upto 20 3D Models

To register for a free EnablAR account, click here to go to EnablAR Website


Teach using AR

Teach using AR

Teachers can take their AR apps to class to better engage and teach students

Learn using VR

Learn using VR

Teachers can give their students DIY VR headsets to explore apps generated by EnablAR

Explore using Holographs

Explore using Holographs

Teachers can give their students DIY Holographic kits to explore apps generated by EnablAR


For Students

AR Student Kit

  • Free account of EnablAR
  • Start learning about AR fundamentals
  • Training Programs

For Schools

AR Teaching Kit

  • EnablAR Software License
  • Training Programs
  • DIY VR Headset
  • DIY Holographic Kit
  • Training Programs

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