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Drone Garage

Design and personalize your drone in the workshop, selecting from a range of components using your accumulated coins.


Learning Levels

Progress through the learning levels to gain insights into the science of drone flight, supported by specialized pilot training modules.


Free Flight

Practice drone flight using either keyboard or joystick controls in multiple environment. Learn how to make it roll, turn, go up and down, and tilt forward and backward.


Drone Controls

Practise drone flight with the help of keyboard as well as joystick controller.


Tournament Section

Participate in or organize tournaments to compete with friends. Keep track of your performance and check your ranking.


Pilot Profile

Register with your details to create your pilot profile. Save & track your progress in your pilot profile.

How to download DroSim


For any technical / installation / download / activation queries, kindly reach out to us at drone@eduvance.in


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Drone physics

Learn the physics behind the drone flight using our simulator & customize your drone in the garage.

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Build drone

With multiple drones support, build your drone and fly them using joystick controller as well as keyboard controls.

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Online videos

We have many tutorials to strengthen your concepts on drone construction and drone flight.

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Pilot Certification

Clear learning levels in each mode to get pilot certificates.


Basic Mode

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Practice mode

Limited features

Basic drone flying concepts

Intermediate Mode

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Realistic drone controls

Garage for custom drone building

Advanced drone flying concepts

Personalized skill report & Progress tracking



keyboard controls

Keyboard Controls

keyboard controls

Joystick Controls


Download Drone Simulator Standard Version from here.

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Getting started with Drone simulator


For any queries, kindly reach out to us at drone@eduvance.in

Additional Accessories


Pluto 1.2


Joystick controller

To purchase above accessories contact us