Eduvance is conducting a 2-day training program on Drone Design and Aviation. The focus of this training is to give students a hands-on experience on Drone construction and flying that are used in industries involved in Drones, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Understanding the need of the students to start from basics, the training will start from introduction to concept of drone and go up to building your own drone. The training is divided into:
  • Fundamentals of Aviation
  • Learning Assembly of Drone using AR and its manual construction
  • Drone Simulator training
  • Stability & control
  • Flying a Drone

Workshop content

The workshop content is as follows:
1. Introduction to concept of Aviation
2. Working of a Drone
3. Drona’s drone Pluto Assembly
    3.1  Learn Assembly Using our custom Augmented Reality Application.
    3.2  Assemble your drone from Spare parts
    3.1  Install & configure Pluto Controller
    3.2  Configuration & Testing of Pluto Drone Assembly.
4. Components of a Drone
5. Drone Simulator Training
    5.1  Learn drone flying concepts Virtually
    5.2  Play custom built Drone flight game
6. Drone Flying Training

Workshop Benefits

  • Participants will be introduced to the exciting world of Drone and Aviation
  • Participants will be gaining knowledge on Aviation concepts, Drones and experience on Drone flying
  • Upon successful completion of the workshop, the participants will get a certificate on Drone Design and Aviation by Eduvance

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