Being an ARM University Program Trainer and Training Partner, Eduvance conducts certificate workshops on the ARM mbed platform. The mbed development platform is the fastest way to create products based on ARM microcontrollers. The project is being developed by ARM, its Partners and the contributions of the global mbed Developer Community. Getting trained on the mbed platform and doing projects enables participants to enter the workforce with the skills necessary to be quickly productive in the fast-paced world of electronics engineering disciplines. During the training, participants will be introduced to ARM architecture, Programming & mbed platform. The training will be conducted using the ARM Freedom KL25Z platform from Freescale semiconductors based on the ARM Cortex M0 architecture.

Workshop content

The workshop content is divided along the lines of following projects and learning outcomes.
Section 1 -
    1.1  Intro to Embedded Systems and System on Chip
    1.2  Intro to the ARM Architecture
    1.3  Intro to mbed platform.

Section 2 -
    2.1  Programming Concepts
    2.2  Shifting
    2.3  Conditional Statements
    2.4  Lab 1 – Led blinking
    2.5  Lab 2 – LED Patterns

Section 3 -
    3.1  Programming concepts
    3.2  Arrays and Buses
    3.3  Lab 3- Seven Segment Dispay Interface

Section 4 -
    4.1  Analog Concepts
    4.2  Lab 5 – Analog Interfacing using Potentiometer and LCD

Section 5 -
    5.1  Serial Communication concepts
    5.2  Lab 6 – Serial communication with PC

Section 6 -
    6.1  Course Project – Mini data Acquisition System

Workshop Benefits

  • Participants will be introduced to exciting world of ARM mbed.
  • Participants will be trained on Embedded C, implementation of analog and digital peripherals.
  • The training includes hands-on labs resulting in exploration of concepts.
  • Eduvance will bring its own kits for participants to work on.
  • Participants will work in groups of 2 with each student getting an opportunity to work hands-on.
  • Upon successful completion of course and test, participants will get a verifiable certificate endorsed by Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE).
  • Certificate for mbed workshop by ARM University Program Training Partner.