Eduvance conducts a 2-day training workshop on Basics of Augmented Reality (AR). The focus of this training is to give students a hands-on experience on AR technology that are used in industry. Understanding the need of the students to start from basics, the training will start from basics of 3D-modeling and go up to AR applications. The training is divided into 3 parts:
  • Understanding 3-D modelling
  • Working with Unity and Vuforia
  • Integration and application development

Workshop content

The workshop content is as follows:
1. Introduction to AR and 3D modelling
2. Basics of Blender software
3. Introduction to 3D modeling
4. Creating and Editing Objects
5. Applications of Modifiers
6. Joining/Separating Meshes, Boolean Operations
7. Assigning materials to polygons
8. Animating 3D models
9. Exporting the Model
10. 3D modeling project
11. Introduction to Vuforia
12. Building Android application using EnablAR

Workshop Benefits

  • Participants will be introduced to the exciting world of Augmented Reality
  • Participants will be gaining knowledge on 3D object modeling, animation in a software and AR experience of the same
  • Upon successful completion of the workshop, the participants will get a certificate on Augmented Reality by Eduvance

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